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nmp.19 – Cosi

nmp.19 – Cosi

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Hobbyist (2024) Cosi

on nmp.19:

2024, artwork, black throughout
blue dust jacket

risograph, paperback, saddle stiched

28 pages, 152 x 280 mm

first edition, edition of 100

no more poetry presents


the debut title by Cosi

Kill ! kill ! let there be fresh meat…— W. Carlos Williams Spring and All

In the lingering impression or print one might be urged to place their finger on the pure substance of an uninhibited adult imagination — to which the writer rejects — obviously, such imagination is deeply habitual, rendered in ink & pencil, in The Knowledge of a practice so innate, or rich, that to disinherit from the author, or the author from it, would represent an absolute undoing, a total annihilation of an apparatus, so far from rudimentary, that it becomes simply (or quite complexly) the image of an entire self.     this collection of some twenty-eight artworks, being automatic, incongruent — graphite, charcoal, ink — rigid, finite and complete — convey an underestimated and complex sense of play, by which the author — simply Cosi (as if distilling the self in a single word could be conceived as simple) — becomes a diagrammatic example of a brilliant and full-cream adult, so disinterested in the conformity of adulthood that more difficulty is placed within the absurd notion itself.     a self professed Ideas Guy, Cosi shows us the fantastic spaces that so often fight against the drab mundanity of adult existence, illuminating it so justly that it is impossible not to be absorbed by the light, in this way, these drawings are a love story, not only to the author herself, but also to the de-husked onlooker (you).     in this congress, this made up thing, that we have accumulated, and labelled: a life, there are rules which can be reduced to a fine coating, and that, like in our homes, we need not clean, but rather involve the world around us, let gather.     thrust open your windows to whatever world surrounds you, fill the minimal prison with particles of life!     forget banality…they will not build park benches in your name, you mustn't want that, you: sweet reader deserve a life worth living, and here, in this collection, you are offered the exact guide.

Joshua Edward

editor nmp

on nmp.19 Hobbyist by Cosi.

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monday, 18 march 2024

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